TWW & Preparing For More Treatment

The dreaded TWW continues, now at 18DPO and still holding onto a glimmer of hope that maybe all those BFN’s this month from being a POAS addict will somehow magically turn into a BFP by tomorrow morning. Even though I know the likelihood is that this cycle was an anovulatory cycle meaning I didn’t ovulate because of my PCOS, somehow I continue to convince myself that all these symptoms I am having are pregnancy related and not just because of my ridiculously imbalanced hormones doing this too me anyway. 

I had taken the past few months off medicated cycles and decided to give myself a well deserved rest and let my body try and recover from cycle upon cycle of hormone injections, I think all up prior to our decision to take a break I had undergone over 12 months of treatment. 

Of course it started with Clomid (hate that stuff!) for 3 rounds, then had laproscopic ovarian drilling, went on to start hormone injections and continued this for around 9 cycles. 5kg heavier, miscarrying at 5 weeks after all of that I decided I needed time to reflect on it all and so I took a holiday. 

It’s now July 2013 and as soon as I get the dreaded witch this month I am heading back to start treatment again. I am more focussed now and feel like I can handle the emotional roller coaster better equipped than I would have been without taking the time out. This cycle will be straight into IUI, and where will be no mucking around….if I don’t see results in the next couple of cycle we are stepping it up a gear and heading for IVF! I am beyond ready and wanna be a mumma!


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