Cycle Day 9 Scan Appointment

As promised here is my update from my appointment today. Today was Cycle Day 9 and I have been on Puregon injections since Day 2.

It was kind of funny this morning, as I do every day I started getting ready for work and had a shower, started getting dressed and it was then I realized OMG it’s scan day! Back in the shower for a quick tidy up; lol the horror of going to a gynaecologist appointment unprepared would have been embarrassing! My boyfriend was like what the hell are you doing you just had a shower?!? I proceeded to tell him what day it was and he was like ” what so you go to all this effort for the doctor more than you do for me! Hahaha” we both cracked up laughing. Sorry if TMI but I savor these stupid moments through this whole process; it takes the seriousness out of a serious situation.

Anyway moving on, update is I am looking a little slow behind where I want to be at Day 9. I have been on 75iU daily injections and back on metformin 750mg, lining was only 5mm, left ovary had one follicle measuring 9mm and right ovary had a dark mass that we couldn’t distinguish. Wasn’t all that exciting nor comforting information and I hoped for more. I am traditionally a long cycle girl and known to ovulate on trigger around day 20-21 so I’ll hold onto a little hope.

I go back Friday morning for my next scan and see if there has been any progress. I laid it on the line this time and said “right I’m ready, we are ready so what ever it takes let’s do it”. I’m so glad I have a great understanding with my gyno, most people don’t understand him in this town… He has a reputation as being a hard ass. I tend to work well with him being so cut and dry, it actually helps to just get on with it, he seems to keep any emotion or compassion at home. At work it’s down to business with the odd joke thrown in now and then and perhaps this aggressive approach is exactly what we need now.

Will update again Friday, until then have a good week!


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