How quickly things down there can change!

Today was a scheduled check up at CD13, expecting to just see how much the little folli has grown and if we are on the right track. Well to our surprise my folli decided to do some rapid growth this week at the new dosage of 93IU my lining was very thick and the follicle on my left side that on monday was only 9mm was now huge!

We were supposed to do an IUI cycle but he said it has grown so much and the conditions look ideal that it’s probably too late to do it this cycle. So he sent me on my merry way to “get down to business” and stay busy all weekend! I actually had doctor’s orders to ring my boyfriend and tell him to meet me at home in our lunch break; so I did!

So back again on Monday morning to have another internal ultrasound to see if my folli actually ovulated and did what it was supposed to do. I can’t imagine how perfect it would be to dream up such a good cycle and actually ovulate without the trigger shot or worry about IUI and actually conceive…. PLEASE!!!

Will let you all know Monday how things go; in the meantime sounds like I have plenty of homework to keep me busy πŸ˜›



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