Suprise, 2 BIG Follicles In Waiting!

After my anxious Sunday of waiting to see if I ovulated over the weekend; I had my consult this morning and to my suprise I hadn’t ovulated however I have grown 2 BIG follicles on my left ovary measuring 21mm each. To top off my excitement my lining was now at 11mm which is spot on perfect I just couldn’t believe how well it went that I felt like bouncing on out of there.

I was given the HCG trigger shot this time round to bring on ovulation and I have a further check up on Wednesday morning to confirm if I did indeed ovulate. My imagination has already started to run wild, just picturing the possibility of conceiving, and what if I could have twins if both follicles released an egg! I know this is so far fetched but for a moment I allow myself to feel joy and hope.

Also, for those woman out there with PCOS and wondering if Progresterone Cream is something to be considered; well I asked the question today as I have read so much on the internet about how it can help lessen the miscarriage rate. According to my specialist, unless I am in an IVF cycle, stay clear of progesterone creams; if the egg quality is poor to begin with, using the cream will only delay the inevitable or cause other complications. He hasn’t recommended it for me so I am sticking to taking Metformin only.

Today is a happy Monday, can’t wait for Wednesday 🙂

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