Crazy Hormone Outburst – A Post Not to Take Me Quite So Seriously!

This is an erractic emotional outburst that I blame entirely on my hormones and fertility treatment and not an accurate representation of myself on a “normal” day; nevertheless however I wanted to share a snipit of a group text conversation I had with my mum and my sisters today. I think they understand me well enough that they could see the frustration and humour in my comments; I hope you can see the same and as the title suggests “A Post Not to Take me Quite So Seriously” or perhaps “Not So Literally”.

“I hate side effects; that is all!” (me)

“Hope you are ok xx” (sister)

“I’m ok, just being a sook. Bloated like a fucking fish, moody as an old duck who hasn’t had a root in a decade and my boobs hurt like a pregnant woman but i’m not pregnant! Obviously! Agh, hate my life today!” (me)

“Lol! I’m visualising :P” (mum)

“Me too Mum! Haha” (sister)

“It will all be worth it; good things come to those who wait; just like an old duck who hasn’t had a root in a decade” (mum)

“Haha, well said Mum!” (sister)

“This is so true mum, I think I feel more sorry for the old duck than for me. Well on second thought I would love to not have to root on cue!! We are so over it that we just want to rollover and sleep. Definitely pushing the boundaries of keeping enjoyment and sex in the same sentence. Right now I would put rooting as = to doing dishes and folding washing! Agh haha” (me)

“Visualise that, Haha! Yes I am an emotionally disturbed woman today with a serious amount of unpleasant and crazy hormones running through my body! Lol” (me)

And that’s the extent of it and I apologise if my swearing and inappropriate references offend but it was necessary! Definitely the result of that HCG injection I had Monday morning to bring on ovulation. The things us infertile women go through!

Rant over, tomorrow will update back to normal once I have had my appointment in the morning to see if things have progressed as planned…. perhaps I might make it officially tomorrow into the 2WW?

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