Longest 2WW ever… Only 5DPO!

The 2WW is like a cruel slow torture that can quite easily dominate your thoughts, feelings and mental wellbeing. Only 5 days in and all too easily I have come close to losing it.

As for symptoms, well like any woman on an assisted fertility cycle knows, that with all the hormones you inject your body with and specifically the HCG shot, all of this leads to pregnancy like symptoms that completely throw you into a tale spin. The common sense side of your thoughts tells you that everything you are feeling being sore boobs, cramps, twinges and mood swings are all in fact side effects of these hormones you have jabbed yourself with over the last two weeks; the irrational side of your thoughts says “maybe these symptoms could be real”.

So here I am, in a complete tale spin and the mental torture begins, over analysing every physical sign that I may just be able to convince myself that all of this is the real deal.

I have tested this morning to confirm if the HCG injection has since left my body, it has, no second line so I guess this is a good thing that now if a line appears in a few days time that I can allow myself to feel hope again.

I will check back in a few days with a further update, until then I hope you all have a great start to the week.

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