Waiting For You, 10 DPO

I will admit right up front that I am not very good at this part; I am the person that hates suprises because I just have to know, I am the person that would rampage through the cupboards in the house when I was younger seeking out our christmas and birthday presents because I couldn’t wait, and now I am the person that has become a POAS addict Waiting For You little bean because I can’t possibly wait a full two weeks without trying to find out.

10DPO today and during this time I have quite easily gone through 10+ Internet Cheapies as well as 2 FRER tests as well and contimplating more this afternoon. I have been obsessed with symptom spotting to the point where now I am not sure if all of this has been real or a complete figment of my imagination. Only women who struggle to have children really know what this is like and feeling the extremities of emotion and holding onto immense hope that maybe just maybe this is your month. So at the expense of sounding like I really have lost it, I am going to do it anyway and summarise my symptoms 1-10DPO. In 4 days time I am either going to be jumping for joy and laughing at myself for doubting everything I felt; or, well I am going to have to put it all down to the normal PMS symptoms and somehow refocus for yet another month of fertility treatment.

1DPO: Nothing

2DPO: Nothing except sore BB’s.

3DPO: BF called me a serious “Angry Pants”, my attitude apparently sucks. Sore knee joints, slight pressure in lower abdomen, BB’s so sore but probably from the HCG injection.

4DPO: Slight pressure and minor cramps, niggle pains mostly. Bloated, moody, cravings, sore BB’s, more cramping in the arvo, BB’s really sore now. 8.30pm pinching cramps stronger and took test to see if any HCG left in my system, Negative.

5DPO: Ongoing pressure pains, moody, feel very emotional like screaming and crying at the same time, tingling cramps all over in lower abdomen to the point it is agitating.

6DPO: Slight pressure but bubbly tingly feeling more than anything. BB’s still sore and lower back pain started. Not as emotional today. A few quick sharp pains nothing major, cramps and twinges start back up in the afternoon, sense of smell is out of control and my work collegues think I am a little weird, gas started in the evening and got a few more sharp twinges and stuffy nose.

7DPO: Sore knee joints again today, constant light pressure in lower abdomen, sore lower back continues, waves of nausea mid morning, dizzy spell, feel like I have a UTI coming, BB’s feel full and still sore.

8DPO: Really sore lower back, feels like period pains might be starting, BB’s still really sore, overwhelming sense that I just might be pregnant, hightened sense of smell continues, constant pressure and some PMS like cramps, my BB’s are now actually to the point they hurt when I walk or twist, back pain is progressively worsening as the day goes on.

9DPO: Feel completely out, BFN on internet cheapy, back still sotre, BB’s hurt, slept right through the night without waking up which is very strange, no motivation today, no cramps until late arvo and felt a sharp shooting pain on left ovary areas for about 5-10 seconds, back is radiating pain down low.

10DPO: Today! Back pain is really sore and now more all over lower back than just in one spot, some AF like cramping early morning, BB’s feel heavy and still a bit sore, test again and BFN but maybe the hint of a line too hard to tell, burning twinging sensation left ovary area, lots of gas and a little nauseous this morning.

What do you all think? I am crazy?!?

Will let you know how I go 14DPO. πŸ™‚



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