Almost Down and Out This Cycle, Am I Ready for IVF?

This is why symptom spotting is so dangerous ladies, you just shouldn’t do it and I don’t know why after 15 medicated cycles I continue to inflict this type of guessing game on myself. I really can’t play this game any longer, i’m down and out on symptom spotting!

Today is 13DPO, yet another BFN and no symptoms of an impending pregnancy to be felt or seen. So with this is mind and knowing tomorrow I am likely to be starting a new cycle I begin preparing myself for what’s next. It is now 7.42am and as soon as it hits 8.45am I will be on the phone to my doctor to request a referral to the IVF clinic to organise an initial consult, I need to get the ball rolling on this one.

I will give you a quick recap for those readers who are not so familiar, we started trying back in January 2012 when I was officially diagnosed with PCOS.

Immediately I started on Metformin and Clomid; we continued this for three (3) cycles without any success, well I did ovulate once but other than this and the extreme mood swings I experienced Clomid was not for us. After this we actually agreed to surgery as an option and I had laproscopic ovarian drilling, this was successful in helping me to ovulate on my own for a short while but was not long lasting and we were not able to conceive. Then onto Puregon Injections, I think we did about 5 cycles of this before I decided I needed a little break, the Puregon was working and I was ovulating but again no success with actually being able to conceive. At this point my partner was also tested for sperm count and quality, the results indicated he is a little on the low side but nothing to be too concerned with.

After a couple of months we go back on track and recommenced with Puregon and HCG injections in early 2013, after two (2) cycles of treatment I found myself pregnant in March 2013, unfortunetely I miscarried at 5w3d; I was absolutely devostated. However, I found strength to find that little glimmer of hope and knowing we can actually fall pregnant I was able to move forward.

In May 2013 we started again and here I am at the beginning of August and things haven’t really improved with this continued treatment. We were meant to do an IUI cycle however the timing didn’t work to our favour; I ovulated two (2) eggs and my lining was absolutely perfect, here I am however on the edge of a new cycle beginning… no luck for us just yet.

So the question for me now is, do I go forward with IVF or do I give IUI a chance first? I feel that I just need to take the plunge and hurl myself at our best opportunity to become pregnant. Fellow bloggers, I am open to comments, thoughts and advice on this so please feel free.

I best get back to work, have a great day ladies.

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  1. I was ready to jump right into IVF, considering the severity of my endo. But my RE convinced us to try one IUI first. His reasoning was that it’s part diagnostic: if it doesn’t work, that may mean we have a fertilization problem, in which case he would add ICSI to our IVF protocol. I’m not sure I buy it–there are many reasons IUI might not work, including my endo–but with insurance, it won’t cost us too much, and what’s one more cycle?

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