Those 3 Letters that everyone knows…. IVF

Organising appointments, filling in forms, gathering our medical history, sorting out leave entitlements at work so we can travel the 600km to the clinic; and yes you guessed it, we are scheduled for our first IVF consultation on the 4th of September.

On the day I got my period after this last cycle; I messaged my boyfriend and said “I’m ready for this now; are you?”; the response was simply “Let’s do it”. And that was that. I called my doctor; requested the referral be sent through and only days ago we got the phone call with our appointment scheduled. I have to say my initial reaction was relief, then a little nervousness and fear followed by a bazillion thoughts that ran through my head like “how many days are we going to have to travel to the clinic each cycle?”, “Where will we stay in the city?”, I wonder how much this will actually cost”, “Will my insurance definitely cover all this, hope I sorted it properly”, “Will it work first try?”, “Will I get fat?”, “What side effects will I likely have”, “Will I be more moody than I am now on my current treatment?”, “How many injections and medications are they going to put me on?”, “I hope I don’t go through all this and get pregnant followed by another miscarriage”, Do I have any ethical issues about IVF? I don’t think I do but…”, “What if I end up like Octomum!”; and finally one positive thought that just keeps coming to mind which completely puts me at ease, “I really think this is my best chance to be a mum I just know it”.

I think I just realised why I haven’t been sleeping as solidly as I would normally; reading all those thoughts running through my head is a little exhausting. Ultimately I am relieved and hopeful looking to the future despite the unknown territory we are about to embark on. I am however continuing to see out this current cycle with my doctor; I am on Day 8 of my cycle and on my standard Puregon injections which if all going well we will do IUI. Ironically, the day of our initial IVF consultation also happens to be the same day I am due for my period; or due to take a pregnancy test. The nurse at the clinic says that so many of their prospective patients end up conceiving right before their first IVF cycle; wouldn’t that be amazing if it was us?!?


  1. Definitely have fingers crossed for you!! I truly hope you only have to go through one treatment! Recently, MTV’s show True Life did an episode following 2 women going through IVF, it was actually kinda informative- maybe something for you to watch? Anyway, good luck with everything and just take it one day at a time!!

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