On Track For Last Chance IUI Before IVF Appt

Through our entire process of trying to conceive our first baby; our timing has never quite worked out too well to do a successful IUI cycle. Our luck perhaps has changed and just in the nick of time.

Today was my Day 11 scan and to be honest my doctor couldn’t have been more pleased with the progress. My lining looked great and measured perfect thickness and the dominant follicle on my right ovary was 14mm, all of this achieved on a dose of 100IU daily Puregon & 750mg Metformin. I allowed myself to enjoy the moment, that glimmer of hope that you wish for every cycle can bring you a few days of happiness and joy.

So I am holding onto immense hope that we have our last chance success with IUI before taking the giant step into the world of IVF. If I successfully ovulate and my boyfriends “sample” is a “quality sample” next week meaning everything needs to line up just right; then we may have a chance at being one of the luck few… just maybe. And you know what, I’ll take a maybe, it’s better than being told “not this month”…

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