Precious Baby Making Cargo in Tow

There are some moments in life when you have to sit back and wonder “How did I get here?” and today was definitely one of those moments. Today was our first IUI experience; my partner dropped off his “sample” this morning and hours later I received a call that it was ready for collection. I called my clinic and said that I wouldn’t be too far away and would be there as quickly as I can.

On my way there I actually felt nervous; I never really would explain my emotions through this process as nerves but today was different. I think perhaps it was because it felt like this was kind of a last effort before our IVF treatment starts next month and I really had a lot of high hopes and also partly because I actually had no idea what to expect. Every other course of treatment I have undergone I had always done my research whether it be reading articles on the internet, researching medical studies, watching video’s on YouTube or reading Blog’s for personal experiences. This time however I didn’t do any of that, so when I woke up this morning and realised today we are doing IUI, I hadn’t really put a lot of thought into the whole process; hence my nerves.

I collected our “Precious Baby Making Cargo” and made my way to the clinic. When I walked in I felt somewhat rude, I was that person that gets to jump the cue, a waiting room full of patients and I walk straight on in; I could feel the glares staring right through me.

Now I must say, today was probably the day I realised throughout this entire journey that I truly leave my dignity at the door because there is nothing left to salvage after you have spread your legs (Sorry TMI!) for the world to see on so many occasions. Honestly, it’s hard enough that I have to do this 4 – 6 times a month for my specialist but when I also have an array of rotating medical students too; well it definitely tops off the experience doesn’t it. If I was to count now the amount of people other than my boyfriend who have seen more of my parts than I have, well I think I am creeping into some serious double digits! Moving on…..progress update…..

Lining thickness = perfect, left ovary = no follicles but this is ok, right ovary = One dominant follicle measuring 19mm and possibly a second one hiding behind the first so this is good news. I was triggered for ovulation with my HCG shot and I underwent my first IUI experience. Now as I said before I had absolutely no clue what to expect with this procedure, well it was all pretty straight forward and over in a matter of minutes, however I must say it was very uncomfortable and caused some pain for about 30 seconds that made me cringe and I wanted to hurl over; kind of like when you get serious period cramps.Then that was it; all over and done with, well for today anyway.

I head back to the clinic tomorrow to repeat the experience all over again; my doctor wants to be sure we have done everything this cycle that we can. Now that I actually know what to expect I think this makes it worse. All the same I am now feeling a little excited that there is possibility of motherhood this cycle and it just might be our month. πŸ™‚

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