2WW Boredom…. Tick Tock, Tick Tock

When ever you get a moment to yourself do you get really excited about the possibilities of things you can do, just for you, and then when it comes to actually doing it you talk yourself out of it and end up bumming around the house and sit your ass down on the couch and just watch a movie?

Well if you don’t I do, especially in the 2WW when my mind is trying to distract itself from the obvious. I was doing really well actually, I am 4DPO today and it wasn’t until I realised my house is empty, I have the weekend to myself, it seems so quiet, I sit here writing this blog hearing nothing other than the sound of cars driving by and the tapping of my keyboard. But with all this quietness, I can’t seem to turn down the dial of my thought process. If you could only hear the thousands of thoughts and ideas that run through my mind on a second by second basis, honestly it’s exhausting.

I can go from dreaming about being a mum, wanting to start my own business but not sure doing what, to thinking about what to have for tea, or feeling guilty that there is a load of washing ready to be done but I just can’t be bothered doing it but I really should, then onto wanting to do something fun and creative today but then before I can even decide on one thing my mind races to another. After that i think, well I probably should go catch up with a girlfriend but then realise I am just not in the mood to be around babies today so will just have to give that one a miss. My thoughts are then so overwhelmed I somehow decide not to do any of those things and just chill out, and then that’s how I find myself back on the couch. A serious case of indecisiveness, wanting to escape reality but not sure how and trying to distract my thoughts from this horrid process being the 2WW.

In amongst all of those somewhat fluttery thoughts I actually do have a few good ideas that I could take action on that would genuinely help me. The first is I found out last week in my first reflexology appointment that our local women’s health clinic run a Pilates class, perfect! So there is my new Tuesday night hobby / timeout… So what else?

I’m an extremely creative person and love to do arts and crafts, the problem is I get so distracted that I jump from one project to another so quickly I never quite master any one thing. It would be good to actually perfect something and know I can do it well. I recently started candle making, perhaps I should get out my gear later today and give that a crack… It will help me through a bit of today’s boredom I’m sure.

I have a question for all you lovelies out there, what do you do for yourself to help you through the 2WW? And how do you cope when all of your friends tend to have babies and you really don’t want to be around all this at the moment so you have to occupy your own time? Look forward to hearing from you πŸ™‚


  1. Well, I knit. I know it sounds old ladyish and it could lead you to think of knitting all kinds of cute baby things but that is what I am avoiding. Instead I am knitting a really large blanket for the bed at our cottage. I love yoga and it has helped me RELAX and focus my energy on me. It is a big part of my visualization process, staying positive etc… Photography is a huge love of mine and I love going into nature and taking landscapes. Finally a non pregnant and childless friend is trying to convince to join her book club. I am debating it.

    My suggestion….what do you love doing? You aren’t your infertility and the hardest part is not obsessing especially when you are playing the waiting game. If you can’t figure out what you love doing try different things.

    Got my fingers crossed for you!

    • Thank you for your comments, and I Definetely don’t think that knitting is a little old fashioned, at least it keeps you busy and something you enjoy πŸ™‚ I just signed up for Yoga classes twice a week, start Tuesday so this will be good to give me a new focus. You are right, infertility doesn’t define us, just apart of us. Thanks again!

  2. I stay away from social media so I avoid all the photos of babies and pregnancies and don’t put myself in uncomfortable social situations if I can avoid them. I also try and immerse myself in something else. Last cycle it was The X Files, cycle before a really good book. Whenever I felt myself starting to slip into the crazy I read another chapter of the book to distract myself. I think I also do better if I accept the fact I can’t always be strong. Sometimes the pressure is too great and I need to cry, but that’s okay – I’m only human and I’m just doing the best I can.

  3. Hello, I’m in the 2ww too! I started a masters this year to keep me from googling IF stuff but its hard to motivate myself to do any work since its all online. I’ve got an assignment due Monday so I’ve spent all day today working on it to distract me from the 2ww but I keep procrastinating. So over it!

    Your random thoughts sound very similar to mine.

    When is your OTD?


    • Hello 2WW buddy, thanks for following my blog. I wish you all the best with this cycle and hope the wait goes quickly. My due date happens to be the 3rd Sept, the day before our first IvF consultation. I am hoping I never have to go to our appointment but either way at least I have something to look forward to this month and can keep moving forward. I’ll tune in to your blog to see how things go for you this month.

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