On The Verge….. 12DPO

It’s 6.21am, a Sunday morning and like every morning the past week I wake up excited and sneak off to the bathroom and break open another test. Today is 12DPO, after our first IUI cycle (after so many other medicated cycles), I wake up wishing for our BFP.

This morning’s verdict…..BFN. Not really surprised I guess, it’s just like every other month, but this month I was holding onto extra special hope that I could avoid our first IVF consultation this coming Wednesday. Now I know I’m not out until AF arrives and I am due Tuesday however I am realising the inevitable is far more likely.

IVF, wow looks like I’m really gearing up to start the next phase. I won’t throw in the towel just yet on this current cycle, 2 more days to hold onto “maybe” but I am quite certain the next post I write will be all about beginnings; this blog and I will become ‘Another IVF Journey through Infertility, PCOS and Trying for our first born miracle!’


  1. Sounds like u and I are at the same point in our journey. I had a chat with the IVF guys a couple of weeks ago and have my official consultation and scan on Tuesday. By your writing you sound British. Where r u based? I’m in Oxfordshire. Im looking forward to following your journey xxxx

      • wow This is so cool to relate to someone so closely on a subject but yet be on total opposite sides of the earth. I flippin love the internet. Out of curiosity (if you don’t mind me asking) what is the situation there regarding payment? Do you have free healthcare or do you have to pay? in the UK we have to pay Β£7,000 for ICSI (IVF) because we have not been trying to conceive for 3 years which is the criteria for free IVF. I looked into prices in Europe as lots of people travel there for treatment but not sure i’d feel too comfortable doing so, maybe I would if I got really poor. I wish you all the best of luck. do keep in touch. xxx

      • Love the Internet, it definitely helps through this journey having a forum like this to be able to share our experiences πŸ™‚
        Wow that’s $12000 AUS, expensive! Do you get rebates?? In Australia we are lucky enough to have Medicare system which in my case (over 12 months of TTC and being diagnosed as Infertile due to medical reasons) we are eligible for a rebate. A full round of IVF is $8500 Aus (about Β£5000) plus medications which are subsidized as well. We also have private health cover so with both Medicare and private health rebates our out of pocket expenses per fresh cycle of IVF is $3000 Aus (Β£1700) + meds. I feel very fortunate that the Australian Health Care system makes it an affordable option. We are prepared to do 3 or 4 attempts at this stage. The issue is that each cycle we have to travel 700km each way to the IVF clinic. Doing this 3 or 4 times a cycle isn’t going to be too much fun. But we will give it our everything, we are so ready for our family πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry about the BFN. 😦 Anything different today? I hate that limbo feeling after a negative test but before you’re officially out. I’m 8 dpo after our first IUI, and we will also be going to IVF if this doesn’t work.

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