How Much Blood Do You Need?

IVF Blood Tests

So this morning after a week of procrastinating I finally went to the lab to organise for my bloods to be taken so we can get these final diagnostic tests out the way and get on with IVF already.

I was completely in shock as the nurse continued to pull more and more tubes out of her draws onto the top counter and I had to stop and ask “are these really all for me?” She proceeded to laugh and said “yes they sure are, and this isn’t all of it. I need you to come back next week for more blood to complete the genetic testing”. So I laughed right back at her, a nervous laugh but all the same I found it somewhat entertaining actually how much this process can really take from you… literally!

I don’t think there is anything left that a doctor, doctor in training or nurse hasn’t either looked at or taken from me yet; not a lot left anyway. Now I need to organise how I go about getting my Day 2 ultrasound; they want to do this again although I had scans from my initial PCOS diagnosis, they won’t accept these though they want there own analysis completed.

So really, if my next cycle starts in the next two weeks and all the tests come back as they expect, I wonder if they will start our first IVF cycle the one after? Guess that would make it November. Wouldn’t that be an amazing way to see out the year.

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