my TTC timeline & thoughts about TTC blogging community


This week I have been able to commit the time to improving some aspects of my blog and start building it the way I intended it to be. One of the jobs on my list was to insert my TTC timeline and I can now safely tick that one off the list.

I have been doing a fair bit more reading this week and becoming more familiar with the other regular bloggers on WordPress and those that I follow. One thing I find amazing is that although we all share similar issues with trying to conceive, coping with PCOS or other infertility difficulties; everyone’s journey and experiences are all so unique and truly there own. I believe it is so important to have an avenue to express ourselves on a platform such as a this and I am inspired to read each and every story.

In the coming weeks my goal is to be able to provide some resourceful information on my site so that readers get not only my story (although I love to share and hope it’s an interesting read!) but also be able to use it as a tool to learn more about PCOS, treatment options and how to improve overall health. I am by no means a doctor with specialist training, but I do find however that when you have been diagnosed with PCOS or any condition for that matter, you tend to do so much research that you become an encyclopaedia of information and I say why not share it and help others who may be in the early days of trying to come to terms with their diagnosis.

Well it’s the weekend, so I am off to enjoy a little bit of sunshine!

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