2 Small Glimmers of Hope Left 1st IVM/ICSI Cycle

I don’t think I have it in me today to write a long post detailing all of the events over the last week, but I wanted to give a short summary.

At this point I am a few days past our egg retrieval from our 1st IVM with ICSI cycle. Disappointingly we only managed 7 eggs of which overnight 4 matured. Of those 4 we got the call this morning that only 2 remain as our glimmers of hope which have been successfully fertilised.

Can our 2 remaining hopes and dreams survive to a day 5 transfer or are they going to fizzle away like the others? I have remained so positive through this process, and at the final stretch I feel like I am running out of steam and losing faith. Perhaps it’s the hormones I am flipping out on, the cocktails I swallow down 3 times a day, whatever it is I need to find some positive energy quickly!

Can anyone help? Has anyone only had 2 make it to fertilization that go on to make it to transfer? Statistically I’m told we will be lucky to have 1, 40% success rate so who knows! Would love to hear some positive stories πŸ™‚


  1. i can’t share a success story with you (didn’t have the same scenario as you) but i’m thinking of you. i can totally understand the loss of steam and faith. we had 13 eggs and NONE of them fertilized. we had to do rescue ICSI 24 hours late. it’s the most stressful situation you can be in but you just have to keep your faith going and what will be will be. i’m hoping the absolute best for you!

  2. I didn’t do ICSI, but I only retrieved 4 eggs. Of those 4, 2 fertilized. We implanted 1, and the other didn’t make it to freeze. I wasn’t very optimistic, but I ended up getting pregnant. I’m now 20 weeks pregnant with a little girl. It is possible! Hang in there and have faith! Seeing you good vibes!

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