4dp5dt update

So I’m not sure at this point if I have symptoms of pregnancy or just a severe case of wishful thinking; I always dread the 2WW and this probably has to be the worst. Going through IVM or IVF for that matter are a last resort for couples and so much hinges on the successful outcome of this type of assisted fertility treatment. In the past although I was always let down when I saw BFN after BFN each cycle, I always knew that in the back of my mind there was still that final hope of knowing we can do more; we can try IVF.

Now here I am, at the final stop, first cycle of IVM with ICSI and my hopes and wishes are all waiting the outcome of simple blood test in 6 days time. I can sit here and rattle off a list of weird things going on with my body but I can’t tell the difference between what might be attributed to the Crinone (progesterone) cream or if it’s the ‘real deal’.

1dp5dt I had nothing until 8pm that night and I felt a strong twinge like someone poked me on my left side with a skewer, it lasted about 10 seconds and went away.

2dp4dt started to get sore bb’s and had light pink spotting in afternoon when I wiped, but then it went away. Headaches and an unfortunate case of bad gas.

3dp5dt mid morning twinges, (Sorry TMI) but had a constant ‘wet’ feeling down there and clear cm and again a tinge of pink when I wiped.

4dp5dt – so this is today. I woke up feeling completely helpless like it is all over already. Soon after we went to Bunnings, we were selecting paint and I started crying! Right there in the isle for absolutely no reason, just cried. Had light pink spotting again this morning when I wiped and this afternoon but I don’t know if this is caused by Crinone? Bb’s are still sore, some mild cramping but nothing exciting. Stupid me decided to POAS and before you say it, I know I am CRAZY SILLY for doing this, of course it was going to be negative. Why do we torture ourselves even more than we need too!

I honestly can’t wait until Friday next week, praying for our BFP!



  1. I totally understand. My 2ww with my first IVF cycle was way worse than any of the other 25+ cycles that came before it. I had symptoms, but I was also on Crinone, so who knew? 4dpt5dt is still early, similar to 9dpo on a regular cycle. I know how it feels like you have a lot riding on this; I felt that way, too. Try to hang in there! I’m keeping everything crossed for you!

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