7dp5dt BFP! Happy New Years

I am completely on the run tonight so I can’t put everything in this post that I want too but I needed to tell you all I have my Early BFP!

Today I am 7dp5dt for our 1st IVM with ICSI cycle and I have never prayed or remained as positive as I tried to this cycle. I started testing way early, at 5dp5dt and there was the faintest of faint lines. I woke at 5am this morning and just had to test again, and got this!

A little nervous the line isn’t very dark but if have no idea what it should look like at 7dp5dt. I’m praying it is darker tomorrow.

My official beta is Thursday at 9dp5dt, does anyone know what a reasonable number would be to expect? I have had an early miscarriage before and the thought of going through it again scares me through and through. Trying to hold on to as much positiveness as I can and for now enjoy that I am currently pregnant!



  1. Congratulations! It’s so hard to make any judgements about that first number. Mine was 85 at 9dp5dt (I had hoped for at least 100, though I’m not sure why; that was just what I thought was a good solid number) and 2506 a week later (I had hoped for at least 1000). I’ve seen other women report much larger first betas. But, as we all know, what matters is doubling time. The good news is that you are definitely pregnant right now!

  2. woo hoo!! congrats! it’s such a thrilling feeling to see that faintest of lines and those awesome little numbers isn’t it?! in terms of first beta numbers my dr. always likes to see over 50 or even better over 100. this is just my clinic though… i have found through reading all sorts of other blogs that every clinic expectations are very, very different. what a nice way to start a new year. good luck!

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