Update, I know it’s been too long!

I haven’t updated for too long, I have thought about it several times but I have avoided acknowledging the events that took place the last few months which I guess included my blog too.

I had my first ivm with icsi treatment in December and we fell pregnant on our first cycle. I was thrilled, until we unfortunately had our second miscarriage at 4 1/2 weeks.

We decided to use our only frozen embryo and try again in February, which we did and it was a big fat negative.

So here we are, it’s March and I am heading into a fresh Ivm with icsi cycle at the end of the month and heading into April. I am holding onto hope and praying our miracle comes soon. We are now in our third active year of trying to conceive, I think we are up to cycle 22 or 23 of assisted fertility and I am starting to tire out a bit. I can’t wait to live more than month to month and start to be able to see the future and excitement of planning for more than just the next cycle ahead.

Hope everyone has been well and I’ll be sure I update again closer to my cycle starting.



  1. sorry for your losses. stay strong. we are in year 4 and approaching our second attempt at IVF, so just know you’re not alone. i too am so tired but we’ll find strength in numbers and carry on, ya? πŸ™‚ good luck. i will be thinking of you.

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