It’s been a while but guess what?!?

First I have to apologize for the amount of time I have been away from my blog. The last few months have been a little intense and I needed to just focus all of my attention and effort on my life and getting things in order, and unfortunately that was at the expense of my blog.

Lots has changed in a few months. I have started a new job, we have continued to get our home renovations underway, and we underwent a whole heap more treatment. Since our first IVM cycle when we suffered an early miscarriage, we went on to use our remaining frozen embryo and did an FET cycle. That was unsuccessful. So we tried again, another fresh cycle of IVM and out of 22 eggs collected only 1 made it to transfer. Again, BFN.

We made the decision to switch to IVF with ICSI and in August we started the cycle. Didn’t quite turn out the way we expected but it sure ended the way I have always dreamed of. I started on 100iu of gonal f, I thought this was very low but they were too nervous to increase my dose early on due to my PCOS.

Well a long story short, I didn’t stimulate very well but I had amazing lining. In the end we had 2 follicles at 17 and 16 mm, I was offered the choice to either ramp up the dosage and see if we could recruit more but could risk having none or convert the cycle to IUI.

We decided to go to IUI and it was the best decision of our lives. We triggered with 2 follies and a lining of 11.2mm, and now we are PREGNANT! Yes it worked. IUI worked for us and I just can’t believe it.

This was the hot from the day of BETA on Thursday and it came back at 382 for 14dpiui


Now I am driving myself crazy hoping and praying our numbers are rising nicely, I have been a bit of a poas addict, this is what my hpt looks like today at 17dpiui. It’s been this dark for days and so I am assuming this is as dark as the test gets. I wish it could tell me what’s happening inside me. Lol


I started with lots of symptoms and now they have all gone. It’s nerve wracking having no symptoms, so I can’t wait until they come back so I feel a little reassured that things are really happening in there.

So that’s me updated, in pregnant and can’t believe it. I feel blessed!


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