Offically 2dp5dt 1st Cycle IVM with ICSI

What a month it has been, well really what a year! December however has proven to be extra challenging but the pay off has all been worth it. We started the month beginning our first IVM with ICSI cycle, last Wednesday I had egg collection and we only managed 7 eggs at the time. I was really disappointed and the doctors were too, hoping for many more. So we waited, the next morning we got the call that 4 of 7 eggs had matured over night, those 4 underwent ICSI and by the next day we were down to just 2. I can’t believe how much of a numbers game it starts out to be and by this stage the odds were against us and statistically we were told that our remaining 2 will likely become 1 if we were lucky enough.

I had onto all hope that I could, I prayed, my family prayed and I just kept believing that my little eggies were survivors and we would make it. On day 3 after retrieval the lab called, both eggs were still kicking along just fine. I was thrilled. She warned me however that to get to Day 5 blast stage was a big milestone and lots of hurdles still to be jumped. I held onto hope and kept believing, we didn’t come this far to be disappointed just yet. Then the morning of the scheduled transfer, Christmas Eve and we get another call… Both eggs have made it and excellent quality! So we transferred one Christmas Eve and I am now officially 2dp5dt. Woohoo 🙂 The other little one is in the freezer so we have a second chance at this stage if we need too; but I continue to believe this is it until proven otherwise. I am a big believer in the law of attraction, so to allow too much negativity into my life right now would only jeopardise all our hard work and effort to date so its just not an option.

So far I have just had on and off cramps, last night I got a sharp shooting pain on my left side but it went away after 10 seconds or so and other than that it is all pretty normal around here. I am just so thrilled that finally we have made it this far, fingers crossed it goes even further.


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